To become an owner

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Réservez vos vacances !

Devenir proprietaire au camping Les Tropiques

Become an owner

You’ve always thought about it, without daring to take the step? A salesperson is at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Phone number: 04 68 28 05 09

Come to spend your holidays in your second home, in the South of France in Languedoc-Roussillon.

We set up a special service for the sale of mobile-homes: expo Loisirs 66 situated in Torreilles beach. It will allow you to discover the new and second-hand models, to get advice concerning the accommodation you’d like to choose, and to get an adequate financing. Choose a camper which suits you !

In order to guarantee you a quality service, we work with the leading brands.

Devenir proprietaire - Les Tropiques - Informations 2016

Information 2016

You’ll be informed about the services and the price lists at the reception desk. 

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-20 %

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