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The Quality Service And The Successful Holidays Are Our Priority !

Sunêlia makes a commitment on two essential elements which are the quality of our offer and the variety of our suggested leisure activities.

The quality of Sunêlia is expressed by the number of ladybirds, by 528 different criteria of the audit as well as on the analysis of more than 12 000 satisfaction responses from our customers.

At present, more than 93 % of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with their holidays and are ready to recommend Sunêlia to their close friends and relatives. We also know that the variety is a key point to the success of your holidays, because every customer is unique !

So, in all our campsites we propose activities meeting the expectations of each customer :  sports, discovering the region, having a great time with your friends and your family.
The reasons for choosing our campsites are unlimited and we work satisfy you.


The Offer “Soleil” And The Cancellation Guarantee

 SUNÊLIA was the first campsite to offer its customers the Offer “SOLEIL” and the Cancellation Guarantee free of charge and without any formality. The aim of these two exclusive offers is to allow you to plan your holidays without worry.

The principle is the following: The Offer “SOLEIL” is for those who stay minimum 7 nights in accommodation. The arrival day as well as the departure day are not taken into account. The offer is valid from April 1st until October 31st.

Concerning the cancellation guarantee, the General Conditions are the following: this guarantee comes into effect from the time of booking confirmation of the rental agreement and expires at midnight the night before the planned day of arrival. Subject to the respect of the contractual obligations, this guarantee allows you to obtain the refund of what you’ve paid, if your stay is to be cancelled.

Here is the link for several cases

La clef verte

The Green Key Label

The campsite has achieved the status of Green Key Label. In order to obtain this label, there is specific criteria required which we have worked to maintain.

The criteria encompass different fields of environmental management :

  • Environmental policy: General environmental management projects for the coming 2 years, involvement of the suppliers.
  • Water management: Resource management, reasonable water use, water meters.
  • Energy management: Resource management, electricity meters, energy-saving light bulbs, building insulation, use of renewable energy.
    Waste management: Waste sorting, waste reduction and no disposable dishware.
  • Environmental education: the employers have information sessions and memos and the customers are encouraged to respect the nature’s flora and fauna by saving water and energy and doing waste sorting.

Site development (for the campsites) : common spaces, low density, regulated car traffic, green spaces.

Les Tropiques - Couverture du commerces

Quality Tourism Label

The QUALITY TOURISM ™ label was created by the French state in June, 2005. This label gets together all the people who are working in the tourist industry and who are attentive to the quality improvement in order to satisfy you during your stay. Today, 3 500 establishments have this label: hotels, campsites, seasonal rental agencies, restaurants, bars, breweries and tourist offices.
This label selects and joins together under the same symbol the quality approaches in order to satisfy you. The following fields are concerned: accommodation, catering, bars and breweries, seasonal rental agencies and tourist offices. The QUALITY TOURISM ™ is a mark of recognition of the establishments which offer you quality services. Reception and service quality, professionalism, and development of the local resources are among the essential values of this label.

What are the commitments of the professionals who offer a QUALITY TOURISM ™?

The professionals should control their services regularly. Those who have the QUALITY TOURISM ™ label should offer you the following:

  • a warm and personalized greeting
  • clear and exact information
  • a competent staff ready to listen
  • clean and comfortable spaces
  • their knowledge of the region
  • local tourist information adapted to your requests

QUALITY TOURISM ™, is the image of the French-style tourism which distinguishes itself by its professionalism, the quality of its hospitality, and its desire to share the wealth of our territory and the know-how of our professionals. We wish this label to be for you a synonym of tranquility and trust !

Carte privilege Sunêlia

The Privilege Card

For your holidays, take advantage of the VIP offers thanks to your privilege card. You can get the card at the reception of the campsite Tropiques 4 ****.

You can do the following with this card :

  • Take advantage of making free-of-charge reservations throughout the year.
  • Participate in the loyalty program and accumulate points in order to benefit from the following advantages:
  • Starting from 300 points, you will have a 5 % discount during off season, and the points are kept.
  • Starting from 400 points, you will have a 5 % discount during the high season, with the points kept.
  • Starting from 500 points, you will have the right to have a stay of one week free of charge during the off season in a 4-5 person cottage according to the availability during the requested period. In this case the number of points is put back to zero.
  • Accumulate points by sponsoring a friend

An ID card must be presented with the loyalty card.
This card costs 35€ and is valid two years.
* The offer proposed to you will be for the cheapest one.

You can find the conditions and the regulation on the following internet site :


Avantages carte privilege

Les avantages de la carte privilège

The “SUN” OFFER is valid for 7 nights stay in one of our outdoor locations.

Your privilege card offers you numerous advantages during your stay :


  • Restaurant: drink offered for 2 meals ordered (starter, main course or main course and dessert except the dish of the day).
  • Pizzas: drink offered if you buy 2 pizzas (bottle of soda or a wine bottle *).
  • Snack bar: scoop of ice cream offered if you buy two sandwich menus, or French fries and a drink.
  • Bar: every day from 6 pm till 8 pm, the 3rd drink is offered if you buy 2 drinks. *
  • Dance Club: a special offer on Saturdays, the 3rd drink is offered if you buy 2 drinks.*
  • Minimarket: croissants and similar products (7 at the prices of 6) *.


  • Hairdressing salon: for any flat rate (hair cutting and blow-dry or hair colouring, shampoo, blow-dry), a hair treatment is offered.
  • SPA : for the purchase of 2 massages (45 minutes = 45 € per massage), 1 entry for 1 person to the hammam or the Jacuzzi (costing 18 €) is offered.


  • You will get 20 % discount if you rent a bike or a mountain bike for the week. You’ll pay 40 € instead of 50 €.


  • We equip you with a single deckchair. If you want to rent a second deckchair for your stay, it will cost you 15€ per week.
  • Wristbands for leisure activities are offered to you.
  • A wine bottle offered upon your arrival. (It is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages under 18 years of age and it should be consumed in moderation.)


-20 %

(Séjour en location DU LUNDI AU VENDREDI)

                                                                                                                              *Hors taxes