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Le Village-club Les Tropiques
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Le Village-club Les Tropiques Le Village-club Les Tropiques Le Village-club Les Tropiques
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Le Village-club Les Tropiques Le Village-club Les Tropiques Le Village-club Les Tropiques
Le Village-club Les Tropiques
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Le Village-club Les Tropiques
General sales conditions

We refuse families with more participants than the chosen accommodation or pitch can lodge. (Children and babies included).
Pitches: The indicated price contains the pitch (with electricity 10 amp.) for a tent, caravan or camper, 2 persons, one vehicle and the use of the sanitary installations (maximum 6 persons per pitch). There’s an extra charge for animals, extra vehicles (on parking place), extra tent, extra persons, obligatory bracelets,visitor and tourist tax. A guarantee deposit of E20 is asked at your arrival. This will be returned at your departure, after handing in the magnetic entrance card of the camp site. Reservation fees E35 (28/06 to 30/08) E15 in low season. Arrival at 3pm. Departure before 11am.
Renting : Our accommodations are fully equipped (water, gas and electricity 10 amp), crockery,garden furniture except for the sheets and towels (pillows and blankets are available, possibility to hire sheets). The indicated price is for 4 to 8 persons (depending on the accommodation) and one vehicle. There’s an extra charge for animals, extra vehicles (on parking place), extra tent, obligatories bracelets, visitors and tourist tax.
A guarantee deposit of E300 + E65 is asked at your arrival. This will be returned at your departure, after verification of the inventory and deduction of possible damage, cleaning or missing material. The sum of E65 minimum will be deducted in case the accommodation should not be restored in perfect neatness.Reservation fees E35 (28/06 to 30/08) E15 in low season.
No keys before 4pm. Accommodation must be free at 10 am.
Bracelets : Obligatory bracelet giving access to the camp-site and all its activities. The tariff is E1 per anybody of more than 6 years per day (only from 21/06 till 06/09).
How to rent :
1. Pitch and Accommodation: E180
2. balance has to be paid upon arrival for pitch and at the latest 1 month before arrival. For accommodation payment of the stay: cheques in euro, mandate, credit card and cash, bank transfer.
3. In case of cancellation of your stay in accomodation, the paid deposit will be refunded by the cancellation insurance (conditions below).
4. There will be no refund in case of delayed arrival on your pitch / accommodation. In the absence of a written message, mentioning your delay, we have the right to rent out your pitch or accommodation, 24 hours after the arrival date. Although the total amount stays due. (Telephone messages aren’t accepted).
5. Before sending your reservation, it is recommended to phone us to check the availabilities.
Your pitch will be assigned at your arrival. The camping takes into consideration your special wishes, but can not guarantee them. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation by mail.
Arrival and departure: In case of delayed departure, extra night will be charged.
Cancellation insurance: Sunêlia inform you that cancellation insurance is offered for any stay of 7 days minimum in accomodation with deposit. If you stay without a reservation or have not paid a deposit, or have rent a pitch: this warranty is excluded. The reservation fee are never refundable.
This guarantee will take effect as soon as the rental contract is signed and ends at midnight the day before the first day of the holiday. Subject to compliance with contractual obligations, this guarantee allows you be reimbursed for amounts paid if your holiday needs to be cancelled for one of the following reasons:
1. A serious illness, a bodily injury or the death of:
•you, your spouse or common-law partner, your parents or your children, your guardian,
•your brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in law, fathers-in-law-,mothers-in-law.
By serious illness or serious bodily injury is meant any temporary or permanent damage to your physical state, which has been medically diagnosed and prevents you from carrying out any activity, professional or otherwise.
2. Pregnancy complications
3. Serious prejudice requiring your presence on the planned departure date and following a burglary, a fire or damage caused by water or natural elements affecting your primary residence or your working premises,when 50% of said premises have been destroyed (Proof from insurer to be provided).
4. Redundancy of you or your partner, provided that the procedure had not already been initiated before the holiday was booked.
All these grounds for cancellation must be disclosed by registered mail, along with all the necessary documents establishing the facts (assessor’s report, police report, summons, medical or death certificate...) as soon as it occurs and no later than 3 working days following the accident or occurrence.
•After-effects, consequences, complications or worsening of an illness or accident which happened before the signing of the contract.
•Pregnancy, abortion, childbirth and its normal consequences.
•Drug addiction, alcoholism and their consequences.
•Psychological, mental or nervous illnesses which do not result in hospitalisation for longer than 7 days.
•Your intentional deeds.
•Accident resulting from the participation, in a professional capacity, in any sport or competition, as well as any training.
•Accidents resulting from the practice, as an amateur and at any level, of the following sports:
motor sports (car, motorbike, any motor vehicle), aerial sports.
•Epidemics, pollution, natural disasters covered by the Law N-82.600 of 13 July 1982
•War or civil war, riots, national movements, strikes, terrorist acts, exposure to radioactivity
Pets: Dogs such as Rottweiler, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Rosas or dogs physically resembling to the above-mentioned, are strictly forbidden on the campsite.
Tattoos and current vaccination certificate are obligatory. Only one small pet is allowed in the accommodations.
Visitors: Visitors and guests must sign in at the reception and must pay a contribution, a bracelet.
Their vehicle must be parked outside the campsite or in the car park (paid). Extra animals are also charged.
Litigation: All litigation comes under the legal jurisdiction of the court of Perpignan.
Interior rules: Every customer is obliged to obey to the interior rules of the campsite.
Important note: Swimming shorts are forbidden at swimming pool. Disco is forbidden for
children younger as 16 years old without presence of parents. Every brochure can be the victim of a typographical error. On the moment you make your reservation, please ask confirmation about the prices and the opening dates of our different services.
Only the prices mentioned on your invoice are valid.

Le Village-club Les Tropiques
Le Village-club Les Tropiques
Le Village-club Les Tropiques Le Village-club Les Tropiques Le Village-club Les Tropiques
Le Village-club Les Tropiques

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